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Security Surveillance systems & CCTV

We install a range of complete, turn-key DIY video security systems that include everything needed for total video security camera system operation. These operations include indoor/outdoor cameras, IR night vision, dome bullet and PTZ cameras, IP and megapixel options that are vandal resistant and brings crystal clear pictures day and night.

 1. Indoor Color Camera

These High-resolution color cameras allows you and the police to see more details, regardless of whether the break-in occurred in bright or low light.

 2. Dome Camera

Their services are incredible as they can be mounted almost anywhere, provide you with 3600 viewing, and their clear ,crisp imaging results in sharp video-even in low light.

 3. Network IP Security Cameras

These offer a range of IP cameras featuring HD image quality, H.264 compression to conserve bandwidth, PoE power and remote monitoring.

 4. Hidden Cameras

We install an extensive range of covert video cameras that includes hidden camera options along with wearable hidden cameras and covert security kit.

 5. Wireless Security

We are capable of providing wireless security devices, wireless video links, transmitters and receivers that let you view security cameras from remote locations. This is made possible by DVR security that provides free dynamic DNs services that allow you to view from any computer having internet connection with a web browser.

 6. Digital Video Recorder

This Digital Video Recorder DVR enables you to get audio and video and remote viewing, plus you can record from all cameras at the same time.

 7. Quad Splitter

This strips away the limitations of single-image viewing, allowing you to see what is happening on up to four cameras simultaneously.

 8. Video Duplicator

This is perfect for family members who want to see video feed from more than one monitor simultaneously especially what is happening at home.